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Here are some compiled assist topics using Bible Assist Software search tool, definition tool, find tool and translate tool. Keep in mind, the New Testement Bible books were written from first hand accounts. The authors, over their life span, were relying on their first hand witnessing, Old Testament writtings, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

How to use in Bible Assist Software: Click and view topic below. You can select, copy and paste that topic into Bible Assist Pasteboard where you can select the line with book name, paragraph and verse number, or triple click on any one. Than you can right click on the selection and select GoTo Bible Verse. This will open the Bible book to that verse.

Understanding the gift of giving.
Added 01/16/20

Mature Christains do well if...
Added 12/16/19

NEW Christain gentiles do well if...
Added 12/15/19

Does Chrisitan faith produce works?
Added 12/14/19

Giving with purpose and compassion.
Added 12/14/19

Giving to the poor is giving to God.
Added 12/08/19

The art of giving, translated.
Modified 11/30/19

Do churches labour to give to the weak?
Edited 12/08/19

Is Christian Anger Okay?
Added 12/07/19

Does God love the building or the poor?
Edited 12/08/19

Is tithing a law and cursed?
Edited 12/02/19

Where is God's church?
Added 11/30/19

God for the Jews expressed by Stephen.
Added 11/16/2019

God for the gentiles through Simon Peter.
Added 11/16/2019

What are Spiritual gifts?
Added 7/22/19

Is faith a gift from God?
Added 7/22/19

What is a minister?
Added 7/20/19

The unknown God made known.
Modified 7/22/19

Obtaining everlasting life, baptism and born again.
Added 7/13/19

Who is anointed and saved?
Added 5/20/19

What is the purpose for miracles and healings?
Added 6/25/19

The Holy Spirit miracles and healings.
Added 6/25/19

What does Jesus Christ mean?
Added 5/20/19

What is the Amour of God?
Added 7/13/19

What are the fruits of the Spirit?
Added 7/13/19

Known teachings by Jesus.
Added 7/11/19

Known stories told by Jesus.
Added 7/11/19

Old Testament Bible Stories.
Added 6/23/19

What defiles a man?
Added 6/23/19

Jesus is bigger than the Bible.
Added 5/17/19

All of earth's languages, how they all came about.

Jehovah saved the anointed, Jesus Christ Translated.


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