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Biblical validation versus fallacies? Posted 11/24/2021

The way out, the light of the world. Posted 11/23/2021, Edited 11/24/21

Feed Gods flock willingly, not for greed. Posted 11/23/2021

Where is Gods house? Posted 11/23/2021, Edited 11/24/21

What is Gods Yoke? Posted 08/28/2021



Jesus, the water of life. Posted 04/12/2021, Narrated 07/27/21

Speak Godly Tidings. Posted 11/15/2020, Narrated 07/27/21

How to testify for Jesus Christ. Added 11/01/2020, Narrated 07/27/21

Why are Christians mocked and teased? Added 09/06/2020, Narrated 07/27/21


RECENT 2021:

Toil not, God gives the increase? Posted 08/15/2021

Acts of faith by works. Posted 08/15/2021, Title change 08/18/21

Baptized one in Christ, Paul, Apollos, or Cephas? Posted 07/31/2021

Watch, Look Up, Pray. Posted 07/31/2021

Gods Spirit or a worldly spirit? Posted 06/14/2021

Which god has blinded the worldly? Posted 06/14/2021, Modified 06/14/21

Gods harvest, all suffer together. Posted 05/23/2021

Two or more believers together establish Jesus. Posted 05/23/2021

Biblical parables were foretold, and are true? Posted 05/10/2021

Jesus prayed for all who believe on Him. Posted 04/24/2021

To Sanctify, to Hallow God. Posted 04/18/2021

The Fullness of the Gentiles. Posted 02/22/2021, Modified 03/20/21

Three Crosses. Posted 03/04/2021, Edited 05/04/21

Where is God's church? Posted 11/30/19, Modified 02/22/21

Search the scriptures to validate. Posted 01/05/2021

Share the spoils of increase. Posted 01/05/2021

Can gold and luxury return love? Posted 01/05/2021

Renewing of the mind. I am what I am. Posted 12/25/20


2020 POSTS:

A servant, a friend and a son. Posted 12/06/2020

What is prayer and supplication? Added 10/17/2020

Jews and Gentiles, what are the Christian differences? Added 10/11/2020

Why is being wronged, doing right? Added 09/10/2020

What is repentance and remission? Added 08/18/2020, Edited 08/19/2020; 08/19/2021

What is believing works, (deeds or labor)? Added 08/10/2020

Have compassion and preach to those who cannot discern? Added 08/09/2020, Edited 08/16/2020

Is disagreeing with other christians a sin? Added 07/20/2020

What is loving your neighbor as yourself? Added 06/10/2020

Are believers Gods Glory? Added 05/06/2020, Edited 08/16/2020

What God is there for Christians? Added 05/05/2020


2019 and 2020 ORGANIZED POSTS:

My Testimony

My five year old daughter is alive. Added 03/30/2020

God and Why Me?

Good news from bible scripture and Gods Spirit Added 05/05/2020

Why me, what's my purpose? Added 03/29/2020

God is our servant? Added 03/29/2020

What is a minister? Added 7/20/19

Want proof, ask God. Added 03/29/2020

All About Faith

Faith is defined as? Added 01/29/2020

Does Chrisitan faith produce works? Added 12/14/19

Is faith a gift from God? Added 7/22/19

All About Christian Growth

Mature Christains do well if? Added 12/16/19

NEW Christain gentiles do well if? Added 12/15/19

What defiles a man? Added 6/23/19

Is Christian Anger Okay? Edited 12/08/19

All About Giving

Understanding the gift of giving. Added 01/16/2020

Giving with purpose and compassion. Added 12/14/19

Giving to the poor is giving to God. Added 12/08/19

The art of giving, translated. Modified 11/30/19

Do churches labour to give to the weak? Edited 12/08/19

Is tithing a law and cursed? Edited 12/02/19

All About Gods Church

Does God love the building or the poor? Edited 12/08/19

God for the Jews expressed by Stephen. Added 11/16/2019

God for the gentiles through Simon Peter. Added 11/16/2019

All About Gods Holy Spirit

Obtaining everlasting life, baptism and born again. Added 7/13/19

Who is anointed and saved? Added 5/20/19

What are Spiritual gifts? Added 7/22/19

What is the purpose for miracles and healings? Added 6/25/19

The Holy Spirit miracles and healings. Added 6/25/19

What is the Amour of God? Added 7/13/19

What are the fruits of the Spirit? Added 7/13/19

Bible Teachings and Stories

Known teachings by Jesus. Added 7/11/19

Known stories told by Jesus. Added 7/11/19

Old Testament bible stories. Added 6/23/19

Who is God and Jesus

The unknown God made known. Modified 7/22/19

Jesus is bigger than the Bible. Added 5/17/19

What does Jesus Christ mean? Added 5/20/19

Jehovah saved the anointed, Jesus Christ translated.

All of earth's languages, how they all came about.

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