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Does God love the building or the poor?
Edited 12/08/19

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A good samaritan gift (alms) to your church, food bank, ministry, outreach, or a needy neighbor will be a blessing to you and them. A gift of what you have, money, food, time, or material will go far to help them.

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Why do we love? Step back and watch why people associate with other people and what it is that motivates them. Does a person seem to have a greater love toward those who have something to offer in return? Look at the poor, who loves them? What do they have to offer in return? Are the poor loveless? How many times have the poor been avoided?

The poor are no more cursed by God than any other person. We all fall short of the glory of God. Is not God kind to the unthankful and evil? It rains and shines on both the just and unjust. Did not Jesus say to give and expect nothing in return? If God asks nothing of us other than to be kind, should we not give to the poor without expecting returns? Does not God give freely and liberally to all of us?

7 Verses:

Matthew 00135 5:45
God raises the sun on the good and evil, and rain on the just and unjust.

God is not a God of favors. Don't be like minded as those who help only those who can repay. If we do not help the poor who cannot repay, we do not have the kindness of God. Is a tax deduction from a charitable contribution the same as a repayment? A tree is known by its fruits. Are Godly fruits seen as buildings, or a continuous harvest of indness?

Luke 00524 14:12 - 14
Jesus said to invite those who cannot repay you.

Matthew 00639 19:21
Luke 00817 18:22

Jesus said to give to the poor.

Loving another has limits. It does not mean giving into worldly principles, culture, beliefs or behaviors. Stand strong in Godly principles, give to the poor, not to a building. We should be thankful for what we have. We should be content with what we have. We should be thankful for what we don't have.

Philippians 00092 4:11
Paul remarks on how he has learned to be content, no matter the situation.

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Key words: poor rich cursed thankful repay recompense just unjust.

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