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Bible Assist Software Features.

Known Issue 03/27/21: The Goto Bible Verse feature: If the verse selection has a dash like this, 23:4-7, add a space on each side of the dash, 23:4 - 7 for it to work. This issue will be fixed in the next release update.

New version 3.5 T released 03/09/21

New: Opened Bible list and Tool buttons are now highlighted when in use which makes its easier for study.

3.5 Fixed: 03/08/21: When all Bible Display Windows are closed, the mouse cursor disappeared during typing in the pasteboard.

3.5 Fixed: 03/08/21: Sometimes a triple click highlight would not enable the right click menu items.

3.4 Plus Version with minor fix in Find All Tool Definition Start button.
Release 2/08/21.

3.3 Plus Version fixes and new Find All window.
Release 2/04/21.

  • The Install and USB (stand alone) are now identical, except for default data folder.
  • Display Bible Window Tab has a quick ? button.
  • Find All Tool window has been modified.
  • Pasteboard occasionally lost mouse arrow is fixed .
  • Search Tool window has been modified.
  • New Plus 3.2 Version fixes and new Find All window.
    Release 1/30/21.

  • The Find All Tool window has been redone for easier use.
  • Minor fixes to menus and GUI.
  • Plus Version fixes and new features.
    Release 1/24/21.

  • Right mouse click menus were updated.
  • Right mouse click tools used within the Bible Display Windows were fixed.
  • Search can now search and highlight multiple words within the results.
  • Goto Verse: Opens a bible book with a copy of a bible name with chapter and verse.
  • Paragraph numbers are no longer needed for Goto Verse.
  • New Hide Tools button.
  • New right click pasteboard menu shortcuts.
  • Find All Tool now opens only once.
  • Flash USB default folder location has been fixed.
  • Popup windows are no longer Modal dominate.
  • Multiple other fixes to menus and GUI additions.
  • Additional Features.

    King James Version
    Multiple Bible windows
    Greek definitions
    Hebrew definitions
    Save search results
    Goto Bible verse from search tools and pasteboard
    Background theme colors
    Pop up search caution window
    Pop up folder change caution window
    New translate format
    New Pasteboard file
    Bible display text aligned
    Drop shadows
    Quick tips
    Main window background tips
    Added Find Within for the found results
    Search count
    Hide Bible windows
    Large fonts
    Highlighted found words
    Reverse dictionary search
    Find words within search
    Left click edit menus
    Editable Pasteboard
    Sizeable Pasteboard
    Send to Pasteboard
    Translate entire verses
    Find Strong's numbers
    Find all verses with a number
    Find all verses with a word
    Save definition results
    Save verse results
    Find count
    Search a Bible book
    Search entire Bible
    Set document folders
    View folder
    Change text theme color
    Study timer
    Help file
    Three tutorials

    Bible Assist email Tip: Select any part of the Bible text, search found results, translations and pasteboard text, copy and paste into any email, and email or send to your smart phone to text family and friends.

    Last Update: 01/08/2022

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