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Bible Assist Software started out as Bible Power CD, Standing Word CD, Bible Trend and than Trendy Bible. The first release was prior to the year 2000. The free versions were available since the year 2004. It was one of the first and few FREE bible software programs available on the internet. It has been free and downloaded from around the world for over 15 years.

The KJV Old and New Testament Bible Book authors wrote the bible from first hand accounts. The authors, over their life span, were relying on their first hand witnessing, Old Testament writings, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Bible Assist Software includes the KJV old and new testaments, with Strong's numbering. It includes tools to search, find and translate any part of the bible. The user can research, study and verify any scripture, back to the original Hebrew and Greek word translations and definitions.

The below Assist topics will give an idea of how Bible Assist Software can be utilized for general knowledge, studies and research to increase ones faith.

Understanding the gift of giving. Added 01/16/20

Mature Christains do well if... Added 12/16/19

NEW Christain gentiles do well if... Added 12/15/19

Giving with purpose and compassion. Added 12/14/19

Giving to the poor is giving to God. Added 12/08/19

The art of giving, how to give. Edited 11/30/2019

Do churches labour to help the weak. Edited 12/08/2019

Is tithing a law and cursed? Edited 12/02/2019

Is faith a gift from God? Added 7/22/19

The unknown God made known. Added 7/18/19

Everlasting life, baptism and born again. Added 7/13/19

Software update "S" version available for download. Added 7/16/2019

Our Bible Assist / World of Pea'ple postcard was mailed in early spring to every U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator and U.S. Governor.


With Bible Assist Software, you can go back to some of the earliest recorded Hebrew and Greek bible word definitions.

Download Bible Assist today, entirely free.


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